Tatva is the annual technical fest of BNMIT which was first organized in the year 2009.
Tatva has progressed and evolved to new heights over the last five years, and is now
an eagerly awaited event not just at BNMIT but also at colleges across Bengaluru.
Tatva 2019 will be the continued endeavor towards reaching a new milestone.



Expected Participants


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Total Prize money

1,25,000+ INR

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Tatva is a technical fest having over 30 events in two days.
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A Musical Evening with Mano Murthy

Performing live in BNMIT on March 22nd at 5:30PM

Well known as the ‘Melody King of Sandalwood’, Mr. Mano Murthy has stolen a place in the hearts of the youth by striking the right cord with his music. He has produced melodious music, including Cheluvina Chittara, Milana, Nooru Janmaku, Pancharangi and Mungaru Male. He also composed the music for the National award-winning movie Preethi Prema Pranaya. He in fact brought about a revolution in Kannada film music and has the distinction of invading the realm of non-Kannada film music fans.

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Co-ordinator: Raghuveer
Sponsorship: Rakshith
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