Dumb Charades, Pictionary and everything else that you do to pass time - think you're good at it? Think you can name famous movies and TV Shows and personalities off the top of your head? Then why don't you make some money out of it? Tag your friends along and register for a super fun event!

No. of Participants: 3
Ticket Price: INR 150
Organizer: Rachana R
Contact: +91 7795547090


Sherlock Holmes. The Imitation Game. Two masterpieces become one as we introduce ENIGMA to Tatva. It's a murder investigation but we don't stop just there; it's a murder investigation that involves code breaking to pull you closer to the truth, the truth which you didnt expect but the truth that you'll have to accept. Join us in finding answers to whether machines can pretend to be humans, to find out if the Turing Test succeeds.

No. of participants: 3
Ticket Price: INR 120
Organiser: Akhil
Contact: +91 7760204444


Violets are blue. If you are good at making impromptu memes, then this is the competition for you.

No. of participants: 2
Ticket price: INR 60
Organizer: Abhishek
Contact: +91 7975051682


An Entertainment Quiz: TV shows, music and movies. By this, we solemnly swear that we are upto no good. Why? Because this is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get, for this is our design.

No. of participants: 2
Ticket Price: INR 80
Organiser: Prajwal N
Contact: +91 8861138700


Eat!Gobble! Devour! Smack! Crunch! Yum! Gallop! Guzzle! Gulp! Do we need add more? If you've got an appetite that can overtake the food we have on offer, we challenge you to prove it! Come on, you can't say no to food!

No. of Participants: 1
Ticket Price: INR 60
Organiser: Rohit J B
Contact: +91 8618531605

The Grid

Petrol heads unite! So you think you are a pretty big automotive enthusiast? Find out how much you really know by taking part in our event.

No. of Participants: 2
Ticket Price: INR 60
Organiser: Sudeep
Contact: +91 9538213512

Coding Relay

2 people and 1 hour of synchronous understanding and unrivalled team work separate the winners from the rest.

No. of Participants: 2
Ticket Price: INR 80
Organiser: Ujjanth
Contact: +91 8197838821

Chuck Glider

Chuck gliding. The sky is the limit! A perfect platform to showcase your talent and passion towards aero-modelling. Learn, build and fly your own chuck glider. All materials will be provided along with a workshop training.

No. of Participants: 2-4
Ticket Price: INR 400
Organiser: Ganesh
Contact: +91 9206137455

Minute To Win It

Minute to win it is a new idea which draws it's inspiration from the original show. It is a non-technical event where mental and physical skills of the participants are put to test. The games are designed using simple house-hold commodities in ways unexpected to make sure that the contestants have maximum fun and enjoy their experience.

No. of Participants: 1
Ticket Price: INR 80
Organiser: Abhishek Jagadish
Contact: +91 7892674922

Kart It

Want it? KART IT! The participants will be given a set of product images from an e-commerce website. They will have to search for the product on Flipkart using the image given as reference.

No. of Participants: 2
Ticket Price: INR 100
Organiser: Priyanka G A
Contact: +91 8095626563

Google It

Are you good at googling? Then this is the event for you! You'll be given an image of a webpage, and you need to find the exact URL of the webpage by using the clues in the image. The team which gets the maximum URLs right in 60 minutes, will be declared the winner.

No. of Participants: 2
Ticket Price: INR 100
Organiser: Prajwal R
Contact: +91 9790524280

Mock IPL Auction

Consists of 2 rounds. The first round will be the Cricket Quiz followed by the auction. Each player will have predefined points that will be allotted before the auction.The participants must bid for players and form a team .Team with maximum points wins!!

No. of Participants: 3
Ticket Price: INR 150
Organiser: Pradhan
Contact: +91 7019383868

Console Gaming

BNMIT plays host to console wars! Get ready to play one of the most exciting games on the PlayStation - FIFA 19! You think you can keep up?

No. of Participants: 1
Ticket Price: INR 150
Organiser: Srikanth Katti
Contact: +91 9901016269

Beg Borrow Steal

Get ready to put all your resources and contacts to test, to fetch the most radical and extraordinary things in this epic race.

No. of Participants: 2
Ticket Price: INR 100
Organiser: Rachana G
Contact: +91 9686206152

Digital Art

Are you bored with traditional painting techniques that involes paper brush pen etc .. Well my friends its time we move into the future of art. Digital art is a platform where you can show off your art and creative skills to produce master peices. Its time to wake the Leonardo da vinci in you.

No. of Participants: 1
Ticket Price: INR 50
Organiser: T Srujan
Contact: +91 9845811458

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