Tech DC

Actions speak louder than words! We challenge your charades to speak louder than words and stun us with your acting skills for the tech terms given!

No. of participants: 3
Ticket Price: INR 120
Organiser: Preksha
Contact: +91 9740359723

Circuit Debugging

Become the “ter-bug-ator” ! This is an opportunity to showcase your circuit debugging skills by fixing simple bugs in a circuit, thus tweaking your way to victory. It's time to brush up on your electronics skills, because the event will have basic and easy rounds that will not require you to scratch that pretty brain of yours!

No. of participants: 2
Ticket Price: INR 80
Organiser: Monica Dharma
Contact: +91 9686346972


A Quiz that will test your IT & General Knowledge trivia thoroughly. With innovative rounds, we promise to make this a technical quiz unlike any other.

No. of participants: 2
Ticket price: 60
Organiser: Amith Shinde
Contact: +91 9483897937

Corporate Conglomerate

A collaboration between David and Goliath! CC is a one-of-a-kind event providing a very realistic idea of how the corporate world works. Teams are divided into councils and assigned with companies accordingly. Giants and Start-ups need to form a symbiotic collaboration, bring out a product and present it.The final round will require the selected teams to face a jury which will decide the ultimate winner.

No. of participants: 2
Ticket price: INR 120
Organizer: Vandana
Contact: +91 6360526323

Tech Talk

A talk to remember. Participants would be given a published paper in a domain of their choice - EC, CS or Mechanical - a few days before the event and they would have to prepare for it and present it. Basically, participants would be presenting published papers, unless they have published papers of their own, in which case we would be more than happy to let them present it!

No. of participants: 1
Ticket price: INR 50
Organizer: Aditi H
Contact: +91 9686634149

Pattern Print

Print away! Teams will have to create a HackerRank profile. They will be provided with a set of patterns which they have to code in any language of their choice to obtain that pattern as the output.

No. of participants: 1
Ticket price: INR 60
Organizer: Nandan S
Contact: +91 8762171130


Photographers are artists with the camera, using a blend of technical skills and an artistic eye to take pictures of people, places, landscapes, food, you name it. This is the right opportunity for you to capture the moments and win exciting prizes.

No. of participants: 1
Ticket price: INR 50 for Mobile; INR 120 for DSLR
Organizer: Rohan A R
Contact: +91 9663450153


Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot - is one of them your detective heroes? Do you find it amusing to solve perplexing mysteries? If your answer is yes, sign up for Crypt-o-rig, a mind boggling event (literally!) where participants are required to solve the black box mystery and they, in turn win a clue to the final round with their detective skills. Only, here, it's an exciting walk through circuits and codes!

No. of participants: 2
Ticket price: INR 100
Organizer: Ganesh Murthy
Contact: +91 8762176777

Mock Stock (Intra)

Are you the Wolf of Wall Street? We've got here an event that tries to emulate a stock market with real time fluctuations in the stock price and news relating to the company. The original companies that we've created and the companies’ details will be given to the contestants on the day of the event.

No. of participants: 2
Ticket price: INR 120
Organizer: Neha Rajeeva
Contact: +91 9036488774

Treasure Hunt

Captain Jack Sparrow, The Famous Five, Indiana Jones and Robert Langdon all have one thing in common - an uncommon curiosity for hidden treasures! If you're the kind that likes solving clues and finding Easter Eggs (wink wink!) and if you think you know BNMIT well enough (or don't) you should totally take part in this Around-the-campus-in-60-minutes Amazing Race, crafted exclusively for BNM students!

No. of participants: 3
Ticket price: INR 150
Organizer: Core Team
Contact: +91 8762764892

PC Gaming

One of the most exciting events of Tatva! The rush of adrenaline and the nail-biting finishes make this one of the most anticipated events. We have classic PC games like Call of Duty, Counter Strike and Need for Speed. Come one, Come all.

No. of participants: NFS-1; PubG-4 (mobile); CS-5
Ticket price: NFS-INR 50; PubG-INR 400; CS-INR 200
Organizers: NFS-Ashwin Kumar; PubG-Manoj; CS-Skanda Prasad S
Contact: +91 7760314562; +91 9035200693; +91 9972942411

Reverse Engineering

The joy of reconstruction! Take this opportunity to figure out how devices or instruments around you work and try to reassemble them. The model which is closest to the original wins!

No. of participants: 2
Ticket price: INR 150
Organizer: Mithun Reddy
Contact: +91 7899073759

Make it Work

In this competition, you have to make a circuit on the spot. The circuit diagram and all the necessary components will be given. Also you will be given some additional components and you have to sort out the components which are useful to given circuit.

No. of participants: 3
Ticket price: INR 100
Organizer: Hemanth
Contact: +91 7204588599

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